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Digital Online Escape Room

Spider Tech are up to some dastardly plot, but we don’t know the details and can’t prove anything yet. We’ve already lost one agent to the field… Can we count on you? We need you to infiltrate HQ, bring our man home, and expose Spider Tech’s nefarious plans! Crack the case together, before it’s too late… Or who knows what could happen! Save our agent. Save the world.

£19.95 per game*

The Mission

Alright, agents – listen up! A few months ago, three of the top scientists at Spider Tech international research facility died under mysterious circumstances. Officially, they’ve classed this as an accident, but it’s our job to know better. Something’s not right over there and it’s right under our noses… We believe this to be a cover up. Trouble is, we have no proof! We sent one of our top field agents out there for recon and he’s now MIA. Haven’t heard from him on the ground in almost 4 days now. This problem might be about to get a whole lot bigger… Something seriously suspect is going on over there, I’m sure of it. So, now we need your help! Think you’re up to the task? We need you to infiltrate Spider Tech HQ. Bring our agent home but, most importantly, we need you to find out exactly what it is that Spider Tech are trying so hard to cover up. This could run deeper than any of us first thought. The fate of the world could very well end up in your hands… Think you can handle it?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, awaits at the click of a button. Click Book Now to take on your biggest assignment yet… And, agents? We’re counting on you! Good luck!

*19.95 per team. Rally your troops and assign one ‘squad leader’, who submits the answers whilst the other players help with the clues and solve the puzzles – work together to crack the case!

Potion Panic

The Ultimate Magical Downloadable Game

Printable Online Escape Room

Oh no, not again! You’ve forgotten all about the competition – just like last time! The chance to prove yourself as the greatest Witch or Warlock only comes along every 100 years or so, you know! Now you’re going to have to scrap your plans for the original potion you wanted to concoct and hurry to make something with what you have. Here’s hoping you have all the right ingredients to be able to make a potion good enough to prove your worth, and wow the judges…

£14.95 per game

Across the land, every 100 years, the nation comes to a standstill, as they hold their breath, waiting to discover who has been crowned as their Champion Witch or Warlock. Last time, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for you, and you were left crushed by eventual defeat… But not this time! This year, you have decided that the competition is yours for the taking!

After years of practice, you’re ready to take on the challenge once more. But oh no! It looks like you’ve forgotten all about it, right until the very last minute again… This is exactly what happened last time! You can’t possibly let it cost you that precious victory – not again!

Quickly now! You need to brew a potion to be submitted to the judges and there’s no time to waste if you want to win them over. You haven’t got time to gather the ingredients you were going to use – it’s too late for that now! That’s 100 years of planning down the drain… Hopefully this won’t turn out to be a repeat of the last competition!

You’re going to have to prove your worth some other way! Start stripping your cupboards and scouring your shelves – you’re going to have to do the best you can with what you have! Find out what ingredients you’ve got tucked away and submit it for your chance to prove you’re a good fit to win and hold the title: The World’s Best!

Rudolf: MIA

The Ultimate Christmas Downloadable Game

Printable Online Escape Room

£14.95 per game Introductory offer till 23rd December, of £10.95 per game

Printable Escape Game

Perfect for Families has been made for Adults and Children to play together

It’s Christmas eve and Santa is about to leave to start delivering his presents, but we have a problem! Rudolf is no where to be found!

Santa cannot leave without Rudolf or he will not be able to see through the thick snow fall.

There are 7 elves who each have a clue to where Rudolf is. Solve their puzzles to gain their clues, and then combine them using this table to find where he is hiding.

Once you have found him, email with your answer and we will hurry over there to check and let you know if you were right!

If you get stuck go to the help attachment to gain a hint from the head elf.

There is an answers page too but don’t use it to cheat…

The Queen of Wonderland

Now Available 

The Ultimate Alice Inspired Downloadable Game

Printable Online Escape Room

Not everything is so black and white… Only the most magical minds, with the most colourful imaginations, will be able to solve the puzzles and rid Wonderland from this dreary curse it’s been cast under!

£12.95 per game

Printable Escape Game

Oh dear, oh dear! She’s at it again! Thigs haven’t gone her way and the Queen of Hearts has thrown another of her famous temper tantrums! In her anger, she has captured the Court Wizard and commanded him to banish all colour from Wonderland. Well, what was he to do? He couldn’t risk facing the Queen of Heart’s rage, no doubt about that – and who can blame him? He’s cast his spell across the land and now everything’s in black and white. Look how boring everything has become! Wonderland just isn’t Wonderland without its colours!

I’m ever so sorry to have pulled you back down the rabbit hole but I’m rather afraid we’re going to need your help if we’re to bring the wonder back to Wonderland now. You see, we’re all at our wits ends and all our bright sparks have fizzled out – it must be something to do with this terrible magic! We’re going to need a colourful imagination like yours if we’re going to be in with any chance of saving our home! Can you use that quick wit and brainy brain of yours to reverse the spell? Oh! We simply must have our colour back soon! I can’t stand everything being so grey and dreadful!

There are 8 puzzles scattered across the land. Find the 8 words within them and combine them together to find the secret Most Magical Phrase – this will reverse the spell and free the Wizard!

McAllisters Downfall

Captain McAllister’s back from another one of his long-distance voyages. After months of his being gone, you can’t wait to say hello to a dear, old friend – if he was anywhere to be found, that is! McAllister’s missing! And you can’t quite shake the feeling that there might be something more to it than that… Can you solve the puzzles and find out what could have possibly happened to separate the loyal captain from his crew?

Printable Online Escape Room

£14.95 per game

Ahoy, mates! The Captain’s back, after a long voyage across the far seas! Eager to see an old friend, you race across to the docks to find his ship, his crew… and no captain anywhere in sight! He’s not in his quarters, not in his bunk… he’s not even up in the crow’s nest. Something about this whole thing seems off. The captain is always on hand when his ship first docks, but none of his crew seems to have so much as seen him since they weighed anchor!

Except… what’s this? There’s murmuring and whispering amongst some of the crewmates… Rumours of a mysterious figure on deck in the early hours of the morning. It sounds as though quite a few people caught a fleeting glimpse of this hooded figure, as he made for shore and scurried away across the docks, disappearing into the distant fog! The reports of his height and stature all seem to match – it has to be McAllister! But where on earth could he have possibly been heading off to at such an hour? Something seems fishy about this whole thing…

It’s time for you to don your detective cap, follow the trail, and see if you can uncover McAllister’s secrets! But hurry! There are signs your friend just might be in more hot water than anyone could have possibly known! Can you solve the clues to save McAllister? After all, a ship’s nothing without its captain…

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