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Depends on the group and how immersive you want it to be. If this is too scary for you then just ask your Games Master and this will be respected. We want you to enjoy your experience.

Unfortunately, no. Packages and pre-booked drinks etc are already at a discounted price and discount or promotional codes are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Please see our T&C’s on this matter. Discount codes are not for use in conjunction with any other code or offer. Discount codes are only for use against full price Escape Rooms and Drinks. Codes are not to be used against packages on offer ie. children’s mixology packages. If any purchases made go against these terms and conditions we have the right to charge the difference of the amounts due or cancel your booking and refund your payment without notice. Discounts are also not valid against any gift cards unless there is a specific discount for this.

A minimum of age 8 for most of our experiences, however some are a minimum age of 10-12 dependant of the difficulty. Some also are a minimum age of 15 if the game is what we class as a horror experience.

If you are 13 or under you will have to have an adult pay and play with you at all times. If you 16 and under you will need an adult at The Escapologist at all times.

Don’t worry all doors as you go through the rooms are unlocked at all times so there is always an easy way out.

Depending on the room there will be a waiver, this normally refers to when someone younger that the minimum age of 15 would like to play what we describe as one of our horror experiences.

You can bring extra players to add on, on the day, this may vary dependant on the room you have booked for – please bare this in mind. Simply let us know when you arrive so you can pay before playing the game we have a system where you can pay in store when you arrive. Please be aware that pre-booking is cheaper.

Unfortunately, if you don’t add your discount code to the booking and continue to pay and book your room, this transaction is final and we don’t then have the option to remove this from payments already made. WE would always advise that if there is issue adding the discount code then please contact us directly before booking and a member of the team can assist in getting you booked in using your code.

We will allow you to move and/or change bookings dependent on availability. However this does come with an admin charge to so, this does increase the closer to the booking you are wanting to make amendments. This can range from £1.50 in general up to £4.50 if the same or next day. We would advise making contact with us as soon as possible to request any changes or amendments.

We will endeavour to answer all email questions within 48 hours. If you would like an answer sooner then please call us.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions between 10am–8pm, 7 days a week. If you need an answer sooner then please call us.

Steampunk is a Retro-Futuristic aesthetical marvel of over-engineered, steam powered and industrial, Jules Verne inspired experiential journey. Steampunk is ever-evolving as is our interesting and immersive décor. Each site is similarly different but altogether intriguing.

You will be emailed an order confirmation that will include your unique Booking Reference Number. Please bring this with you in order to redeem your booking. This also can be shown on your mobile device when you visit The Escapologist.

No, we regret we are unable to issue refunds online. Please speak to us in store or speak to our admin team on 01405 800873.

On completion of your order, you will be emailed a confirmation email containing a booking reference number. Present your confirmation on your mobile device upon arrival.

You do not have to print out the 8 digit booking reference – simply show your ticket/booking reference number on a mobile device.

Some of our rooms are wheelchair friendly. The Escapologist will endeavour to ensure you are as comfortable as possible in our rooms. Should a chair be required in the room, simply let us know prior to booking and we can best advise on games that are applicable.

If there are spaces available you can book on the day, but if we are full, then you cannot. But you can book in store for another date.

Our telephone number or email: hello@the-escapologist.com

You can bring as many players as are allowed in the room you have pre-booked. Simply let us know when you arrive so you can pay before playing the game we have a system where you can pay in store when you arrive. Please be aware that pre-booking online is cheaper.

You can either book by phone, webstore or simply walking in. Please note as above pre-booking online is the cheapest.

All bookings can made online or over the phone with our admin team. Any requests regarding bookings must be documented through an email so we can track the conversation.

For Leeds call: 0113 5122904

Xscape: 01977 801684

In order to book multiple games, simply find the time for which all game rooms are available and then add one of the slots to the cart. You can then click on ‘Select another item’ to continue adding other slots. If you are wanting to also add additional offerings to your booking like function room hire or cocktail making then please call if you are struggling and one of our team will help you.

We will endeavour to accommodate any fine-tuning to the start and finish times of your games, subject to availability. If you can give the team as much notice as possible to allow for any movement in your game times.

Please don’t be late! Let us know straight away. However, do note that, depending on the venue, we can’t allow games to go ahead (sadly, with no refund) if you arrive later than 10 minutes, as it would have a rolling impact on all of our bookings for the day. Depending on how late you arrive you may have reduced time in the game.

You can bring more players which we can add and charge for on the day. This is subject to the maximum number of players that can play the room. The majority of our games can hold up to a maximum of 6 players. If you can give us a call to let us know or email us then we can ensure the room is set-up correctly for you.

If you choose to donate to one of our charities when purchasing a ticket you may, however, it is not obligatory. Our Charities of choice are Marie Curie and SASH. Support Yorkshire, Support charity.

Reserving an escape room is simple and easy by either using the booking page, calling us or simply walking in (please note walk in’s maybe restricted on booking depending on availability). If you have any questions or booking queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01405 800873.

For Leeds call: 0113 5122904

Xscape: 01977 801684

Bookings slots end being available for booking at the moment the game begins, however we do also request that players attend the venue at a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the booking beginning to ensure the team have enough time to correctly brief the players on the game and then get them in and playing. If unsure on availability don’t hesitate to contact and the team will endeavour to get you booked in, just contact us on 01405 800873.

Please note booking you in over the phone is restricted to our open times which for the majority of our venues is until 22:00pm but this may differ depending on the day.

Not all of our rooms are physical however each room requires a particular element of ability to move to the next stage.

White Rose, Leeds

Almost Alice – Leeds – This can involve crawling for a minimum of 1 person however there is a door for the less able.

GunPowder Plot – White Rose, Leeds – This involves some stretching for one person in the group.

Frozen In Time… Again – White Rose, Leeds – Does require the entire team to crawl

Sherlocked In – White Rose, Leeds – Does require the entire team to crawl

The Butchering – White Rose, Leeds – Does require the entire team to fit through a smaller than an average door space

We have been working really hard to ensure COVID implementation is structured and safety driven.

We will have a hand sanitisation station upon arrival through our front door, alongside needing a list of people within your group which you will need to use your own pen to write on.
Everything on site will be table service for Drinks/Food, you can also order through an app once on site too, more information will be given upon arrival.

For the Escape Rooms – Health and safety briefing will be done in the room pre-recorded to ensure there is as little interaction of staff to customers for both your safety and our staff safety. We will be wiping all surfaces down in the room after each group. The welcome immersive story line will also be given from outside of the room or a welcome screen in the room to help immerse you in the theme, please bare with as we have put all these structures in place in a short pace of time and will always try and make it as a immersive as possible. (also don’t worry the Health and Safety and welcome speech will not impede into your time in the room)

All area’s if anyone has been sat or completing an activity there will be a full sanitisation and wipe down of all surfaces etc.

For now till we can get a better understanding of the situation we will only be welcoming teams who have pre-booked, to ensure the managers of sites can maintain the customer flow and safety on sites.

White Rose – Is open and trading to full hours, 10:00 – 22:00 Everyday.

Xscape – Is open and trading to full hours, 11:00 – 20:30 Monday to Wednesday and 10:00 – 22:00 Thursday to Sunday.

COVID poster Escape Rooms

COVID Poster
Escape Rooms

Our Gift Cards were extended for any gift cards bought from 2021 to 2022, these being extend to 12 months instead of the initial 6 month expiry. Any questions regarding these please call 01405 800873
Any Gift Cards bought from October 2022 and onward will receive our standard 6 months expiry.


Outsourced Gift Cards

Xscape, Yorkshire

The Xscape Gift Card is no longer available to purchase. If you have an Xscape Gift Card with loaded funds it is still valid to use until your 12 month expiry date.

Due to the lockdown, our gift card provider is able to activate a 3 month extension. Please contact the Gift Card Support Team before your Gift Card expiry date to activate your extension: 0121 268 3210. If you contact the Gift Card Support Team after your expiry date, you will not be able to activate your extension.

Brands that DO NOT ACCEPT the Gift Card: Cineworld, Evans Cycles, Funstation, ImmotionVR, Snozone, Starbucks, Vocano Falls Adventure Golf, XD Motion Ride.

White Rose, Leeds

White Rose gift cards offer loads more flexibility and choice than single-store vouchers, because they can be spent at any of the retailers in the centre, and they can be used many times at many different stores until the amount loaded onto them has been exhausted.

There’s no charge for buying a gift card from us. Just remind the recipient to keep the card after it’s been used because they may need it for any refunds. Refunds can take up to 10 days to be credited back to the gift card, in line with each individual store’s refund procedures. Gift cards expire 12 months from the day you buy them.

If you lose your gift card, telephone customer services on 0113 229 1234. You won’t be held responsible for any transactions on the card after notifying our customer services team.