This is a policy notice of Matrix Parks Ltd trading as The Escapologist

Here you’ll find our CCTV Usage Policy. If you have any queries please contact us.

CCTV Usage Policy

1) Why we use CCTV

• For your safety whilst in the rooms

So we can guide you, to ensure a good customer service through the room.

• Ensure onsite operations are run correctly

• Bookings match the amount of people in the rooms.

2) Where footage is viewable/stored

• Only by Business managers via a secure IP address.

• It can be viewed on site for a minimum of 21 days depending on any restrictions via the premises license on each site.

• The data is kept on site in a locked room where to view the data you need a unique password.

If you would like to ask more questions regarding our CCTV, please send and email to

When you send your email, please make us aware of the name and nature of the enquiry, getting any queries answered in a timely fashion.