The Queen of Wonderland

The Ultimate Alice Inspired Downloadable Game

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Not everything is so black and white... Only the most magical minds, with the most colourful imaginations, will be able to solve the puzzles and rid Wonderland from this dreary curse it's been cast under!

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60 mins



Oh dear, oh dear! She’s at it again! Thigs haven’t gone her way and the Queen of Hearts has thrown another of her famous temper tantrums! In her anger, she has captured the Court Wizard and commanded him to banish all colour from Wonderland. Well, what was he to do? He couldn’t risk facing the Queen of Heart’s rage, no doubt about that – and who can blame him? He’s cast his spell across the land and now everything’s in black and white. Look how boring everything has become! Wonderland just isn’t Wonderland without its colours!

I’m ever so sorry to have pulled you back down the rabbit hole but I’m rather afraid we’re going to need your help if we’re to bring the wonder back to Wonderland now. You see, we’re all at our wits ends and all our bright sparks have fizzled out – it must be something to do with this terrible magic! We’re going to need a colourful imagination like yours if we’re going to be in with any chance of saving our home! Can you use that quick wit and brainy brain of yours to reverse the spell? Oh! We simply must have our colour back soon! I can’t stand everything being so grey and dreadful!

There are 8 puzzles scattered across the land. Find the 8 words within them and combine them together to find the secret Most Magical Phrase – this will reverse the spell and free the Wizard!