McAllister’s Downfall

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Captain McAllister’s back from another one of his long-distance voyages. After months of his being gone, you can’t wait to say hello to a dear, old friend – if he was anywhere to be found, that is! McAllister’s missing! And you can’t quite shake the feeling that there might be something more to it than that… Can you solve the puzzles and find out what could have possibly happened to separate the loyal captain from his crew?

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Medium (15yrs +)


60 mins



Ahoy, mates! The Captain’s back, after a long voyage across the far seas! Eager to see an old friend, you race across to the docks to find his ship, his crew… and no captain anywhere in sight! He’s not in his quarters, not in his bunk… he’s not even up in the crow’s nest. Something about this whole thing seems off. The captain is always on hand when his ship first docks, but none of his crew seems to have so much as seen him since they weighed anchor!

Except… what’s this? There’s murmuring and whispering amongst some of the crewmates… Rumours of a mysterious figure on deck in the early hours of the morning. It sounds as though quite a few people caught a fleeting glimpse of this hooded figure, as he made for shore and scurried away across the docks, disappearing into the distant fog! The reports of his height and stature all seem to match – it has to be McAllister! But where on earth could he have possibly been heading off to at such an hour? Something seems fishy about this whole thing…

 It’s time for you to don your detective cap, follow the trail, and see if you can uncover McAllister’s secrets! But hurry! There are signs your friend just might be in more hot water than anyone could have possibly known! Can you solve the clues to save McAllister? After all, a ship’s nothing without its captain…