GDPR and Photo Consent Policy

This is a policy notice of Matrix Parks Ltd trading as The Escapologist

Here you’ll find our GDPR and Photo Consent Policy. If you have any queries please contact us.

GDPR and Photo Consent Policy

What we will cover before gaining your consent.

1) For us to meet our legal obligations, our team will advise you as to the following before taking any photos:
• We will provide an explanation of how and where the photos/videos will be used
• Information about privacy – we only use the photos if there has been signed consent as of the 25th May 2018
• Booking details will not be released, just the photo
• We have to ensure all people within the party are happy for the photo to be used. Any under 18’s have to gain consent from a parent of guardian over 18.
• A clear statement that consent can be revoked, and how to revoke it

2) Examples of use

To ensure you are giving an informed consent, we have provided some examples of how images will be used. Our types of social media use are, but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, website to promote the rooms, potentially a number of digital and hard copy marketing, ie magazines. Behind this document you will find an information sheet with examples of how we’ve used photographs in various contexts, for example, brochures, social media, website and fundraising resources. This will help you understand how your images may appear. If a situation arises where a parent or guardian gives permission to use images while the child does not, we’ll go with what the child wants–after all, it’s their image that’s being used! If one of you does not wish to be on the photo out of the group we will not make you and you will not need to sign this document off.

3) Why are we doing it and potential risks, how we will do our best to protect this privacy.
This sheet contains an honest explanation as to why we need photographs/ video footage: namely, it helps us gain more data and visuals for our marketing and advertisement, to help other contestants see we do let you out at the end.

Revoking your photo consent:

If you would like your photo removing and you would like to with draw your consent, please send and email to

When you send your email, please make us aware of the booking name and reference your photo relates too, with this information we can pin point the picture and consent and ensure the photo is removed.

Anyone who has had their photo taken before the 25th May and wishes the picture to be taken down, please again send us a email (as above) and if you can give us the information and where your photo is that you wish to be removed we will endeavour to retract the picture.