The Infected

Group Size



1 Hour


Advisory age is 15+ years





The Storyline…

When the Dead Rise, The Struggle to Find a Cure… 

A dystopian future has become reality… a world thrown into chaos… the dead have risen and the infected walk the planet. Your group of survivors have stumbled across what you believe to be humanity’s last chance… A place that may have a cure! But is it ready or is there still work to be done before the dead find you…

More Information

This room is NOT wheelchair accessible and requires at least 1 player to crawl.


Please ensure you arrive around 10 minutes before the booking begins to ensure the team have enough time to appropriately brief you and then allow you into the room and playing.

In this game Players are Locked in, however there is an emergency release button that can be pressed to override their door should they require to leave their rooms in an Emergency. (there is also a process in place should a player want to leave the room even if it is not an emergency).

Please ensure you adhere to any age limitations or restrictions relating to your booking, for example: D3LIR1UM we advise, is a minimum age of 15 to play, however we do have waver options for players younger than this to play. Players aged 13 and under require a parent or guardian to pay and play along with them, and players aged 14 to 16 always require a parent or guardian to remain within the venue (but are not required to pay and play).

We Respectfully ask that those enjoying our venue, whether here for a Drink, playing a Game or Waiting for those who are Already Playing, please refrain from bringing drinks or food from other venders into our venue.


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