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8 Themed Escape Rooms & a Cafe/Bar


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Space Theme, Magical Theme, Heist theme, and much more

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Opposite the clip and climb and next to Macdonald’s

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Metro Centre, New castle

Medium difficulty

2–6 players

2 people – £20pp off-peak / £24pp peak
3 people – £20pp off-peak / £24pp peak
4 people – £20pp off-peak / £24pp peak
5 people – £20pp off-peak / £24pp peak
6 people – £20pp off-peak / £24pp peak

It’s November 5th, 1605. An important historical date. You’ve spent the past year scheming and plotting with your devious conspirators, and tonight you plan enact your plans to drag England into uncontrollable chaos. You have been an integral member of the Gunpowder Plot and have been involved in its conception for months. You have dodged government officials and the law, and all your planning has brought you to this point. One problem, you’ve arrived at Parliament’s Undercroft to discover that Fawkes has been arrested! This gives you an hour before the guards arrive to arrest you!

Your task is as follows: find a way into the Undercroft using the clues Fawkes’ left behind, find the hidden matches, light the barrels on fire and get the heck out of there. If not, you’ll be hung, drawn and quartered alongside Fawkes.

Play as the bad guy in this urgent, 30-minute race against time, and learn more about England’s most renowned conspiracy.

Cafe and bar

Our cafe/Bar serving hot drinks and smoking cocktails


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