Hints and Answer Page

Rudolf: MIA


It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is about to leave to start delivering his presents, but we have a problem!

Rudolf is nowhere to be found!

Santa cannot leave without Rudolf or he will not be able to see through the thick snow fall.

There are 7 Elf Clues, each clue will help you find where Rudolf is.

Solve each puzzle to gain a word, then enter each word on the table on the final page, to find where he is hiding.

How to play and what you will need

Below you will see hints for each puzzle, from the Head Elf.

If you become snowed under, you can obtain the correct answer for each puzzle by using the ‘correct answer’ button in each section.

Santa is relying on your puzzle-solving skills, take care to enter your findings and best of luck in locating Rudolph and saving Christmas for everyone!!!

You will need the following to play: Pen/Pencil, the following colours: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Orange, Brown.

Good Luck teams! Don’t forget to write the words you get into the crossword to get the answer to where Rudolf is hiding.

Once you think you have collected all 7 words, click on the ‘Enter Your Answers’ link to input your answers. If you enter the correct answers you will be congratulated and may even win a prize. There are 2 buttons, one below and one in the picture above.


Puzzle 1 – Map

The elf only travels in straight lines between locations, even if it means going over water.

Try drawing a straight line between each location to see which letter the elf must have dropped on his way.


Puzzle 2 – Mirror Maze

Imagine yourself shining a light into the box where you have been shown. Follow the path the light would take and take note of all the letters that a passed through.

Draw a line through the box to help you.


Puzzle 3 – Symbol Sudoku

To help you solve the sudoku use your powers of deduction. Marking what symbol cannot go in a certain tile can also help you work out which one should.

The names of each symbol are Reindeer, Angel, Stocking, Snowman and Tree.


Puzzle 4 – Colour By Number

If you don’t have the colours needed, get creative!

The word you need is the name of the object Santa is trapped in. It begins with a C.


Puzzle 5 – Hop Scotch

Follow the rules the elves have given you to cross the tiles.

Overall you need to collect 13 letters along your path.


Puzzle 6 – Blurry Lines

Try looking at the image from a different perspective.


Puzzle 7 – Who Am I

What will warmth melt?