Potion Panic!

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Oh no, not again! You've forgotten all about the competition - just like last time! The chance to prove yourself as the greatest Witch or Warlock only comes along every 100 years or so, you know! Now you're going to have to scrap your plans for the original potion you wanted to concoct and hurry to make something with what you have. Here's hoping you have all the right ingredients to be able to make a potion good enough to prove your worth, and wow the judges...

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60 mins



Across the land, every 100 years, the nation comes to a standstill, as they hold their breath, waiting to discover who has been crowned as their Champion Witch or Warlock. Last time, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for you, and you were left crushed by eventual defeat… But not this time! This year, you have decided that the competition is yours for the taking!

After years of practice, you’re ready to take on the challenge once more. But oh no! It looks like you’ve forgotten all about it, right until the very last minute again… This is exactly what happened last time! You can’t possibly let it cost you that precious victory – not again!

Quickly now! You need to brew a potion to be submitted to the judges and there’s no time to waste if you want to win them over. You haven’t got time to gather the ingredients you were going to use – it’s too late for that now! That’s 100 years of planning down the drain… Hopefully this won’t turn out to be a repeat of the last competition!

You’re going to have to prove your worth some other way! Start stripping your cupboards and scouring your shelves – you’re going to have to do the best you can with what you have! Find out what ingredients you’ve got tucked away and submit it for your chance to prove you’re a good fit to win and hold the title: The World’s Best!