We have extended the times in-between groups and staggered all start times. This means less slots available but better safety, see the slots available for Leeds and Xscape or Selby

There is now 45 minutes in-between each game and each game also starts 15 mins after one another to ensure we have only one group passing through the walkways at a time. Also if we have people eatings or drinking it educes the amount of traffic we have in at anyone time. We therefore can ensure social distancing rules are applicable.

We have added ‘sneeze’ screens to ensure our staff have double the safety when serving you or needing to interact with customers. We ask all customers to wear Masks at all times in the rooms and before entering to ensure yours and our staff safety. 

We have introduced a machine in every room called Citron Clear.

Is a new cutting edge way of cleaning the air taking safety to a new level. The remarkable CitronClear utilises four types of cutting-edge technology to remove odours and destroy airborne bacteria. The CitronClear is the leading air care solution of its kind and offers unbeatable performance.

In tests the CitronClear was shown to reduce background bacteria levels by 85% within 2 hours. This is the only product on the market with this option.

The UV lamp in this unit is proven to be 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses