Project Description

Vertic Alley and The Parlour of Secrets

  • 2-6

  • 1 Hour

  • Medium Difficulty

  • Suitable for all ages

  • This room is wheelchair accessible

  • Xscape, Castleford

  • Oh No! One Wrong Turn and Down the Wrong Alley you Went… No spell book or wand with you, and no idea where you are! With just your wits about you, you’re going to have to puzzle your way through the shops and uncover the mysteries of the Parlour of Secrets in time – you’ve got a very important train to catch after all, and you’d better not be late!

  • Please ensure you arrive around 10 minutes before the booking begins to ensure the team have enough time to appropriately brief you and then allow you into the room and playing.

    Please ensure you adhere to any age limitations or restrictions relating to your booking, for example: Players aged 13 and under require a parent or guardian to pay and play along with them, and players aged 14 to 16 always require a parent or guardian to remain within the venue (but are not required to pay and play).

    We Respectfully ask that those enjoying our venue, whether here for a Drink, playing a Game or Waiting for those who are Already Playing, please refrain from bringing drinks or food from other venders into our venue.

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